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Category: #Other #QoL #Tweak
Author: Xandu
Side: Both
Created: Mar 8th
Last modified: May 29th
Downloads: 2592

XSkills is an implementation for skills and abilities that uses XLeveling . You gather experience for different skills by doing certain actions. And if you have collected enough experience  you will get a additional ability point that you can use to increase the tier of an ability. For more information please visit the mods forum post here

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.5.0 1085 Apr 20th Show
v0.4.9 205 Mar 8th Show
106 May 29th Show
604 Mar 25th Show
342 Mar 15th Show
241 Mar 8th Show


ThyNightmares, Jun 8th

@JewTron Its not meant to, it doesnt work on things you can melt down again since youd be able to make infinite metal.

JewTron, Jun 8th

It seems that ingot molds do not work with the skill that lowers the amount of metal you need to fill a mold.

Xandu, May 21st

Not at the moment. But this is on my todo list.

MagpieMaydin, May 18th

Is there a way to add getting Husbandry exp for milking goats?

Dundra, Apr 20th

facepalm i knew that! I was just testing. Thanks lol.

Craluminum, Apr 20th

There is changelog button near each version

Dundra, Apr 20th

I noticed this mod has been updated. It is one of my favorites. What are the notes on the recent update?

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